Keith Urban Naked Playgirl Nude Photos

Keith Urban Naked Playgirl Nude Photos

Keith Urban got a blast from the past on Thursday’s “The Tonight Show,” when Jay Leno showed the singer’s old Playgirl photos.

The new “American Idol” judge — who was being interviewed alongside Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest — laughed hysterically when reminded of his 2002 shoot, in which Urban posed partially naked with a guitar covering his privates.

“There are certain career regrets I have. That falls into that category,” Urban admitted. ”That falls into the ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ category.”

He quipped, “I’m just glad that I play guitar and not harmonica.”

Jackson and Seacrest were quite amused by their colleague’s racy past, but do they also have secret nude pictorials of their own?

via Keith Urban Naked Playgirl Nude Photos – “Tonight Show” Video | Gossip Cop.

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