Anatomy of a Panthers' Loss: Snatched from the Jaws of Victory – Again

After having given up an early touchdown, the Carolina Panthers dominated in every phase of the game in Chicago. It even had an ending reminiscent of their Super Bowl loss to New England some 8 years ago. Remember Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe Malfunction?” Yes, the Panthers were in the Wardrobe Malfunction Super Bowl. Easy way to remember it.

You better, because from my chair here it’ll be a cold day in HELL before they’ll be returning to one at this rate.

(PRESSWWIRE has no relevant photo; imagine a muscular, evil-looking guy wearing a diaper, having red skin and horns, looking all worried with ice hanging off his eyebrows and horns while his teeth chatter)

Yes, that Super Bowl. Remember…when doofus/game goat kicker John Kasay kicked the kickoff out of bounds to give the ball to the Patriots at the 40. I guess he felt sorry for poor Tom Brady.

Rookie punter Brad Nortmann would have been a high school freshman (or thereabouts) when that happened, and took a silent oath to someday do the same thing, apparently, because he boomed a 6-yard punt to set up the Bears on the Panther 38 yard line around the 7-minute mark.

Mr. Wonderful Punter Draft Pick averaged a whopping 22 yards on 3 punts with an LONG punt of merely 36 yards. I was scratching my head when they actually drafted a punter and I’m still scratching my head over it. I’m pretty sure Marty Hurney is banging his head against a wall over it right about now, if he hasn’t already.

Following that, Cam threw a critical pick-6 when Steve Smith slipped on the grass on a timing pattern, leaving defender Tim Jennings the only wide-open target in the area. He grabbed it and took it 25 yards to paydirt.

This is one of those horribly maddening losses because you really can’t “pin” it on ONE guy. Once more, the entire team was fairly flat – especially in the running game. The Panthers have a good offensive line that should be able to line up and punch people in the mouth to run the ball. Rob Chudzinski tried doing just that, while DITCHING THE STUPID READ-OPTION, but with limited and random success. Most of the runs I saw yesterday gained 3 or fewer yards with many being stopped for either a negligible gain or a loss.

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